a smart choice for every woman


There is nothing better for your body than to honor it with true care.
Give yourself only the best, the purest, the finest.
A menstrual cup will liberate you of every worry each monthly cycle, creating an ambience of lightness and comfort you deserve.

care ⭒ spare ⭒ aware




sense the delicacy and feel light as a feather

simple to use &
easy to maintain

practice yoga

Feel comfortable practicing yoga, stretching your body and meditating. May irritability and discomfort of the bloody days finally become a thing of the past.


No need to skip swimming while on period. Dive deep into your bodily sensations, shower and dress like it’s any other day, knowing your cup is there to catch your flow.

do sports

Doing sports has never been easier. You don’t have to break your rhythm when a cup is your guardian, making sure you practice with ease and absolute comfort. 


Snug into your blanket as lightweight as ever. Regain your sleep and precious energy in the days of your cycle, while forgetting all about it during the night.

Better for you
better for nature