Simple to use, easy to maintain

A menstrual cup is an amazing invention from so many perspectives. One of them is how simple it is to use and maintain.

Pure menstrual cup consists of the following parts:


To use Pure menstrual cup follow these simple steps:

  1. Disinfect your cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the cup.

3. Fold the menstrual cup. There are many ways of folding a cup, but from my experience the tighter together you fold it, the harder it will be to open up once inserted due to the vacuum that’s quickly created. Fold it just enough to insert it comfortably. My personal favourite is the punchdown fold.

4. Once the cup is inserted, squeeze it by the base a little bit (just where you grab it to pull it out) – that can help opening the cup inside. Rotate it gently 180-360°, then use your finger to feel around the base, and examine if it’s opened up completely.

Pushing against the cup’s base and body with your finger, as well as spinning it slowly, helps the cup open up.

When the cup is open, it creates an airtight seal which stops the leaks, and you should be good to go about your day.

You can leave Pure cup inside your body for up to 12 hours, although if you have the chance to empty it out before, I recommend you to. How many times you’ll empty the cup will mostly depend on your flow. If your periods are usually heavy you will want to empty the cup every few hours, especially in the first few days. Your first few cycles might be a bit of an experiment so you get to know your flow, but you’ll get a grip of it quickly.

In case you don’t have access to the sink, I suggest you take a bottle of water with you to the toilet, so you can empty and clean the cup with it (and don’t forget about washing your hands).

Once you’ve inserted the cup, you shouldn’t feel it inside you. You should be able to move, jump, sit, stand and do any other daily activity without feeling your cup, or it sliding out.

In case you can feel your cup, or you feel it sliding out, it could be you have the wrong size. Make sure you’ve inserted it well, it’s well positioned and entirely opened up, and when you’re sure that’s not the problem, consider changing the size.

Removing the cup

To remove your cup first make sure you are in a place with running water – it’s important you can wash your cup before reinserting it. In case you’re using a toilet without a sink, take a bottle of water with you to clean the cup.

Your cup will find its position in the vaginal canal, but it might be somewhat difficult for you to reach it at first, which is perfectly normal. Don’t worry, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sit on the toilet or squat in a shower, wash your hands, and relax 😉
  2. To reach your cup, gently push it out with your pelvic floor muscles (just like you’d push a baby)
  3. Reach for the stem, which is there to help you pull the cup closer, then hold its base
  4. Seize the cup for it’s grip rings (the base) 
Grab and pull out your cup by it’s base / grip rings.

5. With one of your fingers pinch the base or the body a little bit to break the seal (see photo below), then wiggle the cup gently, slowly removing it.

While seizing the cup by its base, gently punch one finger down on the side of your cup. This will make it easier to take it out.

6. Keep the cup upright to avoid spillage, then empty the blood into the toilet or the sink.

You can also fertilize your plants with your menstrual blood, in which case don’t forget to pour water over it (1:9 blood:water) to dilute it.

7. Rinse your cup well, and reinsert it. If your cycle has ended, disinfect it 3-5 mins again, store it in the cotton pouch, and let it rest until the next time around. 


To maintain your cup while you’re not using it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Disinfect your cup every time before and after your menses by putting it 3-5 mins into boiling water.
    Even if you disinfect the cup after your cycle, you must do it again before using it.

  2. Make sure all the air holes of the cup have been cleaned and no rests stayed inside.
    Any rests of your period should disappear while you disinfect the cup in a boiling water, but do check anyway. In case you notice the holes didn’t get properly cleaned, keep the cup under a running water while you squeeze it where the hole is. In case that didn’t work it’s magic, rub the holes with a brush.

  3. Keep your cup stored in the Pure cotton pouch until next you use it again.