Spare Yourself Needless Expenses & Worry

In Ireland sanitary products cost from €2 to €6 per pack, with the average pack containing 10 to 15 pads or tampons. Most women and girls will have 13 periods a year, with some using up to 22 tampons and/or towels per cycle.

This means that on average women spend €132 per year for menstrual products such as pads and tampons, slightly more than €10 each month.

Generally, women menstruate 40 years of our lives, which roughly amounts to €5.280 worth of menstrual products during our lifetime.

Considering the vast majority of these products harm your body and pollute the environment, that’s quite a bad deal. 

Good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are better, friendlier alternatives for your body, the environment and your wallet.

Pure menstrual cup will cost you €27, and will last you up to 10 years! Count how much money and time you save buying a menstrual cup once, instead of toxic pads and tampons every month.

To illustrate this, let’s do some basic math. For our reference, say you spend €132 on average every year for your menstrual products:

You will spare €105 in the first year, then €132 every year after that. That means that in 5 years you will save €633, and roughly €1300 in 10 years.

Plus, once a cup is yours you can let go of thinking each month about having to buy pads and tampons, or worrying if you still have any at home when period surprises you. Once you get your Pure cup, she’ll be home waiting for you to sterilize and utilize, ready to catch your flow.

Sparing you money, time, worry and health – tell me, what can beat that? 

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